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Bauducco Farm App

The packaging of Bauducco's products for the children's line was needed to replace its licensed character. So, the idea was to use the packaging children's line products as a trigger for entertainment and education in augmented reality.
With the concept "Bauducco Farm", characters were created from the ingredients of the products. With the characters themselves, it was possible to create interactions in augmented reality, games and customizations.
> Roles
Client: Bauducco e Narita Design
Producer: VzLab / Vetor Zero
Executive Producers: André Sernaglia, Eliza Flores
Creative director: Luiz Evando
Art Director: Davi Maine
UX: Igor Baliberdin
3D Team: Daniel Ueno, Ken Ichii, Akira Habu
Illustration: Guilherme Franco, Matheus Carrera