> Translating brand values into an interface

Globo Manual da Marca

In this project, Globo, the largest open television network in Brazil, was inspired by its own brand pillars (The Colors, The White, The Circle and The Movement) to create an interactive brand manual.
The site offered a very visual user experience, with vertical navigation for each item in the manual and horizontal navigation for the respective internal ones. Each section starts with a full video or interactive experience.
> Roles
Client: Globo Tv
Producer: VzLab / Vetor Zero
Executive Producers: Andre Sernaglia, Luiz Evandro
Creative Director: Davi Maine
Art Assistant: Daniel Simões
Account Client:  Giovani Ferreira
Development Team: Caio Basseti, Manoel Nobrega, Felds, Mima Verde
Motion Team: Marcos Whey, Ivan Franco