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Digital Dealer Experience Volswakgen

DDX was a Volkswagen activation that allowed potential customers to view cars and accessories immersively, in a scalable and innovative model. For this solution, the creations was inspired by the experience of buying a Volkswagen:
  • Car configurator touchscreen: the entire premium portfolio of cars and accessories, including a 360-degree model and high-quality images;
  • Virtual garage: eight cars in virtual reality, using Samsung Gear to interact with the main features of each one.
> Roles
Client: Volkswagen Brasil
Producer: VzLab / Vetor Zero
Executive Producers: André Sernaglia, Eliza Flores
UI: Davi Maine, Michel Martins
Tech Artist: Jhun Kusano
3D Team: Akira Habu, Hugo Dionisi, Luiz Felippe Azevedo, Leandro Alves
Tech Head: Giovani Ferreira
Approval: Fabio Rabello, Tasso Canato, Fabio Brejão